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Self Service "There is transparency in every disability. Let your ability shine though" (Robert M. Hensel)
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PhotographerKosmas Koumianos
Fashion EditorPanos J. Albanis
Make up Artist: Julie Alexander
Hair Stylist
: Thodoris Gavalas
Photography AssistantGiorgos Makris
Fashion AssociateIna Sideri
Models: Alyssa & Nadine @ Ace Models

Filming Director: Alessandro Vensi Hans

Special thanks to Hellinikon S.A. for the amazing hospitality!!!

Basic RGB

01: Alyssa: Trousers & Skirt, Dimitris Petrou-Top, Artwear Dimitriadis-Shoes, Tsakiris Mallas. Nadine: Dress, Sotris-Belt, Libelloula-Tights, Stylist’s personal archive-Jewels, Artwear Dimitriadis-Hat, Katerina Karoussos

02: Alyssa: Cape & Earrings, Mi-RO-Body, The C Edition-Tights, Stylist’s personal archive-Shoes, Tsakiris Mallas. Nadine: Dress, Mi-RO-Tights, Stylist’s personal archive-Shoes, Tsakiris Mallas-Sunglasses-Kokkoris Optics
03: Alyssa: Suit, Mi-RO-Shoes, Sideris Shoes. Nadine: Dress & Belt, Mi-RO-Tights, Stylist’s personal archive-Shoes, Sante-Hat, Katerina Karoussos-Earrings, Katerina Psoma
04: Alyssa: Playsuit, Tunic & Belt, Deux Hommes-Choker & Earrings, Artwear Dimitriadis. Nadine: Dress & Gloves, Deux Hommes-Hand Cuff, Artwear Dimitriadis
05: Alyssa: Suit, Libelloula-Belt, Stylist’s personal archive-Gloves, Deux Hommes. Nadine: Dress Monochrome-Socks, Stylist’s personal archive-Shoes, Sante-Hat, Katerina Karoussos
06: Alyssa: Body, Cape & Shoes, Dimitris Petrou-Tights, Stylist’s personal archive. Nadine: Blazer & Boots, Dimitris Petrou-Tights, Stylist’s personal archive
07: Alyssa: Top, Shorts & Blazer, Sotris-Tights, Stylist’s personal archive-Shoes, Sante. Nadine: Skirt & Blazer, Anna Riska-Necklace, Artwear Dimitriadis-Gloves, Deux Hommes-Socks, Stylist’s personal archive-Shoes, Sideris Shoes
Self Service-08aa
07: Left page: Alyssa: Trousers & Skirt, Dimitris Petrou-Top, Artwear Dimitriadis-Shoes, Tsakiris Mallas. Nadine: Dress, Sotris-Belt, Libelloula-Tights, Stylist’s personal archive-Shoes, Sante-Jewellery, Artwear Dimitriadis-Hat, Katerina KaroussosRight page: Alyssa: Jumpsuit, Zini-Belt, Libelloula-Shoes, Deux Hommes, Jewellery, Artwear Dimitriadis. Nadine: Shirt & Skirt, Zini-Shoes, Tsakiris Mallas-Sunglasses, Kokkoris Optics


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