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Early Sunsets

Late Dawns and early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes (My Chemical Romance)

A pungent of cinnamon, an aroma of a rose, a summer breeze, a swieet smile lie a perfume that lingers on and on…endlessly (Angie Karan)

Livin’ the California dream in south Attica makes something impossible… POSSIBLE

London calling to the faraway towns now war is declared and battle come down (The Clash)

I’ve accounts of the late Wall street mess-so please ye-I’ll now change my jacket (Song of the express rider, John H. Hewitt)

“Words fill the air above couches & hover there hanging like smog.” (Erica Jong)

“Our summer came to an end, on this wild side of the road” (Hante)

“Don’t like situation? Hop on a train/plane, go to Main, Spain, or somewhere else new” (Switch Lanes, Though T.)



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