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Μichalis Aslanis!!!
I am one of those people who did not have the honor to meet him personally. What I know of him is through tv shows, spreads and some conversations that I had with some colleagues of his and people that knew him personally.

I remember him standing lovely, gentle, kind and humble with a smile on his face, without any arrogance. He was above all an honest man. It was incredible how an internationally known fashion designer had the strength to express his, feelings positive or negative without any kind of shame or pretentiousness. That was a really remarkable thing!

Michalis Aslanis passed away on the 28th of August of 2013. The spreads about his death on all the media were a lot, but I am not going to talk about those. I will stick to his life and his work.

He was born in Chalkis and his parents came from the Minor Asia. While young, he decides to study interior design, graphic arts and history of art in Vacalo art school. Among his teachers were the great painters Tetsis, Moschides, Gounaris, Preka and Vakalo.

In 1974, he started his professional career in fashion, with an ethnic essence, that soon drew the attention of the public. Right from the start of his career, he received the best of reviews and he is considered, until today, one of the most important Greek fashion designers. His reputation, was shortly spread not only in Greece but also abroad and very soon his collections were presented in the biggest runways such as Paris, Monaco, Moscow, Instabul, Cyprus, Milan, Rome, Bari and Canada, where he often collaborated with big international fashion designers. His creations and the presentations of them are considered even today as examples for the new designers.

He also took part in the greek runways for many years, as he never forgot the place where he started his career and he established himself as a designer. He always concidered his team a very significant part in the making of a collection and he would always present them, being very proud of them.

His favourite fabrics were the high quality mousseline and satin ones, he loved the handmade embroidery and the floral patterns. Τhe elegance and perfection of the final result was derived from his special craftsmanship.

I will close this article with something that his student , Lena Lada, shared with us…

”Michalis was never afraid to admit the talent and the wonderful works of his colleagues that may had an equal career with him. Also, he was never afraid of the new thing. He was always encouraging the new designers and  giving them advice never to stop creating, never to stop daring…”

And here we agree with Michalis Aslanis!


photography: Studio Panoulis


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