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Scoop is a premium and modern exhibition of women’s clothing and accessories, held at the famous Saatchi Gallery in London. Exhibitors are leaders in the industry – they set trends, talented, successful and unique. The exhibition lasts 3 days, from January 28 to 30.

Scoop was started in February 2011 by fashion expert Karen Radley. With an impressive series of premium collections, Scoop is creating an exhibition with international design brands based in London. It is important that brands are so unique where they do not compete with each other and guarantee visitors something they have not seen elsewhere. Today, Scoop has become a major destination for more than 250 international contemporary designers.

As part of the exhibition, two favorite Greek brands will take part, Parthenis and Lommer.

For many years, Parthenis, with its characteristic minimal and Greek aesthetics, will present the women’s collection for F/W 2018-19. Upgraded basics in high quality fabrics are embellished with modern creations, offering the everyday wardrobe the bases for a refined and special look.

The internationally awarded brand in the field of product design Lommer, will present their renewed collection of bags and accessories for F/W 2018-19, where we will see new textures and new colors such as wine red. The products are timeless and their shelf life does not affect their seasonal use. The source of inspiration for the team is the unexpected materials and for this purpose the continuous research of materials and the possibilities they give, in order to construct objects of different logic from the usual ones, is sought.

photography & video copyright: Scoop International Fashion Shows


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