With an impressive show, Stelios Koudounaris celebrated his 10 years of dynamic presence in the fashion industry on Wednesday, May 9th.

Ten years dedicated to the woman who claims her identity every day. Ten years of creations for the woman who is not molded into the rules of every age. The event took place in the building “B” at 260 Piraeus Street, part of the former Tsaousoglou furniture factory, used by the Greek Festival of Athens & Epidaurus, which opened its doors to the public for the first time.

In an evening filled with optimism and enthusiasm, the designer Stelios Koudounaris celebrated his ten-year presence in fashion industry, initially presenting the Spring / Summer 2018 collection. However, the evening had a big surprise for all those present. The lights went out, and the mysterious space of the Athens Festival showed its depth to all the guests, presenting another collection, something that no one expected. The collection for Winter 2018/2019.

Exceptional leather and bright red clothes and bronze dominated. Aristocratic velvet and the characteristic androgynous forms of the designer played a decisive role in the collection. The industrial space, with a long history, highlighted everything that Stelios Koudounaris’ collections wanted to tell. The Art Director of the show, Andreas Ioannidis, took advantage of the unique skill of the enormous dimensions of a single second floor of the building, transforming it into an ideal setting, that conveyed the memories of the past and the visions of the future.

The dreamy ambition to escape to a world of luxury, or hope for something better, was melancholy expressed in the “body” of the former Tsaousoglou factory. The building is exactly in the form it was when it stopped operating, with its sheds gray, rusty, broken windows, scattered building materials here and there, with deafening sounds of machines to compose an image from the earlier times of economic and social decline.

Eliza Chrysopoulou had the full coordination in communication and production. Fashion director Aris Georgiadis masterfully embodied and adored Stelios Koudounaris’ woman, a woman who, even in difficult times, finds a way to stand out with her choices.

photography copyright: Panoulis Press


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