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A collection of unique works of visual art is on display in the Amalia 36 building in the first days of April. The 47 portraits that make up the collection came from photographer Vangelis Kyris‘ experience of his imaginative, subconscious and literal travels around the world, the boundaries of which he “closed” through his gaze as part of a frame on a map wall.

A patchwork of images from all over the world, starting in Asia and Africa to reach Greece, devoting much of “A Voyage Within” to the roots of the tradition, in a free creative approach away from folklore.

Printed on canvas, his works acquired the depth and complex reading of a painting. Very soon and without any logical elaboration, plan or discussion, the photographer’s friend and collaborator for the last five years, Anatoli Georgiev, grabbed the canvas in his hands and began to embroider details and elements on it, subconsciously giving the portraits of Vangelis Kyris one by one an alive, third level, thus unlocking new, multi-layered readings of the same work, through the texture. From 25 X 40 cm to 2 X 1.5 meters, the works in the exhibition are a love story where the modern applications of photography combine with the traditional techniques of dyeing textiles with tea and corrosion / aging of materials, in the service of a vision, that the two collaborators share together, but also with the third force of the group, the accidental curator Erika Vassiliou, an insightful and lover of art, who worked as a catalyst in highlighting this magical partnership.

A Voyage Within
1 – 4 of April 2019
Amalias 36, Athens

Vangelis Kyris: For years a fashion revolutionary, refusing to reconcile his personal vision on the altar of commercialism, he is the photographer who finally changed the aesthetics of Greek magazines by raising the bar of quality in publishing events through his art. His personal artistic pursuit led him, then, to a creative journey through the composition of portraits-tributes to Tsarouchis, imaginary cartes postales and slideshows – trips to the subconscious of space and time. His costume approach to the Greek tradition is a free, irrelevant reading that will soon be transformed into a big, historical project. He met Anatoli at the height of the crisis and has been in constant artistic dialogue with him ever since.

Anatoli Georgiev: He was born and raised in Bulgaria. As a child, he embroidered the outline of a dove that enchanted his teacher. He was involved in dance and photography and since 2014, he has been a close collaborator and source of inspiration for Vangelis Kyris. His natural inclination towards art has evolved through experiences and practices as well as his personal engagement with everything related to the expression of his creativity, from the decoration to the costumes of the dance, but also an innate knowledge that surpasses in aesthetics and quality even the masters of the genre.

Photography Copyright: Panoulis Press


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