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Fall Winter 19/20 collection Ioanna Kourbela “Scripta Nuova
has been strongly influenced by the Neoplasticism movement,
which advocates the use of basic colors and the creation of shapes and lines,

which have a more abstract structure based on harmony and release.

Influenced by the works of Piet Montrian, an important representative of Modern Art and founder of the neoplastic movement, and incorporating elements of the design of the logo, a pattern was created that in its repetition is transformed into geometric printing (reminiscent of an ideogram but with a second writing of harmony and liberation, principles based on modern art and especially the neoplastic movement).

A pattern that changes and adapts successfully to different materials. It is sometimes applied on metal buckles, jewelry and ceramic buttons or as an embroidery on airy tulle and silk fabric, fluffy quilted or as a pattern on fine elastic threads giving the same and different shapes. One evolution of the other.

At the same time, research is being done on the semicircle and how it works in the female body. Sleeves and trousers, which embrace the shoulders, elbows, and then the thighs and calves.

Ioanna Kourbela‘s color palette consists of the basic colors, red, yellow and green, and the combination of white and black, which are rendered with a fresher look and combinations of 2 and 3 colors in each outfit or even monochrome with print.

About Ioanna Kourbela

Coming from a family with many years of experience and specialization in knitted clothing since 1971, it was a natural development for Ioanna Kourbella to take over in 2003, the creative department of her family business. With her main references to body movement and its interaction with clothing, Ioanna then presented her first homonymous collection.

Since then, the Ioanna Kourbela Collection, the award-winning BASICS Collection, the Male Collection, the KIDS Collection and the new Home En Oiko Collection have been launched.

Photography copyright: Ioanna Kourbela


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