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High temperatures are now a fact and you are looking for what to wear.
Definitely something light, airy, comfortable but above all chic and special that you will stand out.
We suggest you the 10 best summer 2019 outfits that you will feel comfortable in your daily life but also chic in your most special appearances!!!

  1. Chicard
  2. Dig Athens
  3. Etoile Coral
  4. Evi Grintela
  5. Ioanna Kourbela
  6. Monaco Princess
  7. Nidodileda
  8. Parthenis
  9. Yiorgos Eleftheriades
  10. Zeus + Dione

Outfits with colors, airy, elegant, light that give grace and style to your appearances. Lines and textures that harmonize with the environment whether it is a city or an island.

Fashion Designers & Brands have made certain that your summer is special, since their made in Greece collections have a vision and purpose to make you feel unique, special and chic.

High quality fabrics and construction are the highlight of the collections! Prefer made in Greece fashion for your most stylish choices and add another air to your life!

Happy fabulous summer!

Photography copyright: To each fashion brand/designer


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