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The inspiration for this collection is based on Mark Sagal’s painting
Over the town.
Ioanna Kourbela Basics is a collection, created for city rhythms with an artistic approach, it maintains all the comfort and luxury of a collection that offers softness, natural compositions and interesting-fresh shades. Experiencing in this way a new route ‘Above’ from the city. ‘In our lives there is a single color, as in the artist’s palette, which gives meaning to life and art. It’s the color of love.

Thematically, the collection could be categorized into two groups:

The Nature team that focuses on the simplicity and depth of clothing design, making it essential for everyday use. Classic fabrics such as men’s suits, cotton yarns and jean. Stripes have a dominant role in the collection and evolve from knitted to woven fabrics in a variety of patterns and gravity, some more abstract and some more linear.

The main philosophy of the Nature team is ‘Lagom’. ‘Lagom’ is a Scandinavian design philosophy that comes from Sweden and considers it necessary to take a more humane approach to the design of each product focusing on its durability and functionality.

The second is the Playfull team consisting of a more intense color palette with detailed finishes and techniques such as curls and tunnels. Foam playful knitwear with special texture and compost fabrics that use both sides of the fabric or a combination of different fabrics that create the feeling of a more interactive garment.

Photography copyright: Ioanna Kourbela


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