With a very impressive show, Stelios Koudounaris presented Spring – Summer 2020 collection.
For the first time in Greece, they took place overnight two big shows in the same place.

The evening started with the Make Change event of Wella Professionals and continued with the show of Stelios Koudounaris, thus creating a great celebration of fashion and beauty. The Metropolitan Expo’s industrial space in the airport area welcomed more than 2,000 distinguished guests from all over Greece, transformed into a setting inspired by Luis Barragan’s buildings in Mexico.

60 models appeared through an artificial forest created for the designer by the company Neda, while the atmosphere “smelled” of a summer night party. Luis Barragan’s poetic imagination was the main source of inspiration for Stelios Koudounaris for his new Spring – Summer 2020 collection.

The clothes of the collection, minimal with an emotional design, with the ultimate goal of creating peace in the woman who chooses them while at the same time serving the eternal search for beauty and magic. With a formalist approach light, through the creations of Stelios Koudounaris, plays a decisive role and sometimes leads to rest and sometimes to ecstasy. Fabrics play and change depending on light and movement, while different textures combine with each other naturally. The bright colors as well as the shades of the spices characterized the collection, while the liquid materials created clothes that were rich in movement.

The shoes were designed by Stelios Koudounaris in collaboration with the company Sante, especially for the collection. The artistic direction was by Andreas Ioannidis and the styling by Aris Georgiadis. The hair of the show’s models was worked with Wella Professionals products that once again completed the vision of Stelios Koudounaris for his collection. The hair looks chosen were unique for each model, confirming that trend is what suits every woman. Professional hairdressers gave the general direction, but the designer’s inspiration for each outfit “led” the final choice.

The color palette of the OPI varnishes matched the bright colors of the clothes! Freddy Kalombratsos with the team and Max Factor products were the ones who highlighted the designer’s work, completing his inspired creations with the ideal make-up.

Photography Copyright: Christos Katsaounis @ Panoulis Press


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