The second presentation of the
Greek International Women Awards (GIWA),
took place on Friday, January 17, 2020, in London.
The second GIWA Awards will take place in Greece in June 2020,
are an emerging institution that wants to embrace global Hellenism.

The purpose of the GIWA awards is to recognize and reward Greek women, who have distinguished themselves in Greece and abroad, through their professional achievements, actions and performance.

Through the official GIWA awards website, those interested are invited to apply in the following categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Design
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Science
  • Shipping
  • Sports
  • Social Responsibility
  • Young Star
  • Life Time Achievement

The jury of the awards consists of personalities who have distinguished themselves in their field in Greece and internationally, who represent the values of GIWA: excellence, validity, respect, productivity, responsibility, transparency and ethics.

The GIWA awards process is based on the principle of transparency and includes, among other things, the element of public voting, which will take place through the official GIWA website: www.greekinternationalwomenawards.com.

The second presentation of the GIWA awards took place at the home of the Greek Ambassador in London, attracting the interest of both the professional, cultural and sports field, as well as people who are active in social contribution.

The renowned photographer and wife of the Greek Ambassador in London, Mrs. Margarita Mavromichali, a staunch supporter of the institution, opened the event with a warm welcome from the organizing committee of the GIWA Awards, the members of the jury and the attendees.

The founder and president of GIWA, Mrs. Sofia Konstantopoulou spoke about the goal of organizing the awards, which is none other than the promotion and rewarding of the achievements of the Greek woman, around the world. She also addressed the Greek woman of 2020 where she characteristically stated: “Your work has the power to inspire thousands of Greek women around the world. It is better to take advantage of this power and share it with them!

Then Mrs. Ioanna Paschalidou , founding member of GIWA, referred to the institution, the supporters, the candidates and the sponsorships of the awards. GIWA is a non-profit project whose implementation is based on partnerships with individuals, companies and organizations, that offer their support both financially and in practice. At the podium, Mrs. Naya Boltetsou, also a founding member of GIWA, referred to the judges and at the participating & awarding process of GIWA.

Ms. Eftychia Kasselaki, Partner, Advisory Services of Ernst and Young, sponsor of the Process Review of the institution expressed the warm support of the company, to the institution of GIWA awards, noting that “their official statistics say that it will take another 108 years to reach the level, to say that women have equal rights in the workplace with men“.

The event was attended by members of the jury, expressing their heartfelt support, speaking about the role of the institution.

  • Litsa Panagiotopoulou (Business & Entrepreneurship),
  • Andreas Tsavliris (Shipping),
  • Dr. Marina-Leda Koutarellis (Sports),
  • Elpida (Young Star)

The event was closed by the young award-winning piano soloist and Artistic Director of the City of London Soloists orchestra, Stavros Dritsas.

The GIWA Awards are powered by Aphrodite Hills and are already supported by distinguished companies, organizations and entrepreneurs and have received the official auspices of the Greek Embassy in the United Kingdom and the General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality.

Supporters & Sponsors are: eventora, Lamda Delta catering, e-Volta, Greek List, Mydoro.com, All about shipping, Fay’s Control, Artfashion, coverstory.gr, MeXOXO, Κrikos, womenontop, the fifty-fifty project, lean in Hellas, women act, the tutuproject, coverstory, The power of offer, unique minds, womanitee, Νature and Skin, Akra Boutique, Contessina London, Anassa Center of counselling and personal success, Vitro atelier London, Loukakos Estate

For more information contact: info@greekinternationalwomenawards.com

GIWA Committee: Sofia Konstantopoulou, Nagia Boltetsou, Ioanna Paschalidou, Fotini Vogiatzis, Maria Sarantopoulou, Iro Koutsioumba, Sonia Heimona, Lisa Koromila, Maria Chatziaslani and Marikaiti Margioukla!



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