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Photographer: Kosmas Koumianos
Fashion Editor: Ina Sideri
Make Up Artist: Deyan Dimov
Hair Stylist: Faidonas Papazoglou

Journalist: Maria Zeimpeoglou

Special thanks to Sea View Hotel Glyfada, for the amazing hospitality!!!

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We met her at GNTM in 2018, already being a model in Cyprus. The judges in her first audition compared her to Supermodel of Italian descent, Marciacarla Boscono. The expectations were high from the start. The discussion is for the 21-year-old Evelina Skitsko.

Evelina Skitsko-02

Her modesty, consistency, seriousness, professionalism, positivity and willingness to transcend herself are characteristics that stood her out during the photo shoot. I confess that she is even more beautiful and sweet in person.


Evelina was born in Moldova and at the age of 6 moved with her mother to Cyprus. She immediately started the Greek school, where she graduated, while at the same time she was working as a model. How did this happen? Really random … and fatal I would say. At the age of 13, while walking the streets of Cyprus, a duo of designers stopped her and suggested to start modeling. From that day on, her professional career began and to this day she works non-stop with great success.


She participated in Greece’s Next Top Model because she wanted to get to know the fashion industry better, but also to become a better model through the challenges they faced.

“I valued that GNTM was the right choice for me, as I would get into an intense ‘warm-up’ through frequent trials, where I would have to overcome myself every time. It has made me stronger and more confident in my abilities. But the most important thing is that it made me realize how much I love this industry. “

Question: How is your life after GNTM on a professional level?

GNTM has helped me a lot in my career. The truth is that jobs have skyrocketed. The remarkable thing is that I met, through the show, my manager Elena Christopoulou, who helps me to evolve every day, in order to succceed my dreams.

Question: What do you think are the key elements of behavior and character and what skills should a model have?

To succeed as a model you need to be a hardworking person, have a endurance and strength! Modeling is a very difficult industry, you have to believe and love yourself in a modest way in order to have future! You should trust the team, love the lens and transform into every set.

Her priority, at this time, is to be fully committed to fashion. She wants to evolve more and perform easily and effectively in all the concepts assigned to her. Her goal is the international career, leaving her “signature” in every job and to reach as high as she can. In this journey of professional prestige, she is accompanied by her family … because that is her driving force.


Evelina Skitsko
instagram: evelinaskitsko
represented by In The Fab – manager Elena Christopoulou

01: Swimsuit, Zeus & Dione-Pants, Vassia Kostara (Moonlight Boutique Glyfada)-Belt, La Chaine (Moonlight Boutique Glyfada)-Gloves, Nika-Earring, Sofia Dristela-Shoes, Once Upon A Shoe-Bag, Urania Gazelli
02: Top & Skirt, Marviel Collection-Belt, Libelloula-Gloves & Bag, Nika-Jewellery, Sofia Dristela-Shoes, Once Upon A Shoe
03: Total Outfit, Libelloula-Jewellery, Sofia Dristela-Shoes, Once Upon A Shoe
04: Swimsuit, Emma Swimwear-Jewellery, Sofia Dristela
05: Swimsuit, Maritimum Swimwear-Belt, La Chaine (Moonlight Boutique Glyfada)-Jewellery, Sofia Dristela


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