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Photographer: Kosmas Koumianos
Style Editor: Sandy Karagianni

Journalist: Maria Zeimpeoglou


Iacopo Capone Doumas was born in Athens to an Italian father and a Greek mother. From the age of 7 he started windsurfing where he soon started running representing Greece, in top races around the world. Later, surfing dominated his life. He also studied at Plymouth University in the United Kingdom, following his passion for the ocean and received a B.Sc. Marine Composites Technology.


When he began to develop a keen interest in art and design, he moved to Milan and studied on a scholarship to the renowned Domus Academy, from where he received a Masters of Arts in Product Design.

He worked in Milan and New York, where he focused on design exhibitions, representing the leading Italian regional design Interni and then consulting on design and deepening materials, in collaboration with Material Connexion. Today, he continues to be inspired by his experiences in the ocean and carries the complexity and uniqueness of this, to the material world through art and design.

His love for the sea is evident, as from a young age he spent a lot of time with his father, doing windsurfing and other activities. The sea for him has played the biggest role in his life.

“Anyone who associates with the sea greatly influences him positively.
and helps him find himself. “

Question: As part of your business, you have created 2 companies, Sappho Sandals & the artwork Dear Ride. Do you want to tell us about them?

Both “projects” were created organically – on their own, looking to answer simple questions.

Dear Ride works of art were created by trying to answer the question: How can you combine the culture of surfing and modern architecture & design without ruining either? And so I was inspired by the Riva boats.

Sappho Sandals were created by observing women in Los Angeles who did not have the sense, access and education in the Mediterenean Sandals, as we know them in the Mediterranean countries. After that I researched the market and found that most of the companies in the world that have sandals as accessory and most importantly, do not provide the so-called value for money. Finally, in the world we live in now with social media & internet booming we have access to so many things & products that the simple, high quality and elegant are disappearing and very difficult to find. This is how Sappho Sandals was created.

Question: You recently opened the special showroom “Dear Ride”. What’s the thought behind it?

Since Dear Ride, as you said, is something so special, I wanted to create a space where people will come and experience the love and inspiration, which is hidden behind every artwork. The space had to have the perfect mix of sea values and surf culture along with modern and minimal architecture. I think I succeed it.


The opening took place in collaboration with “Technochoro”, a special gallery located in the area of the Acropolis. Together we wanted to present a concept on the theme of the sea, which will consist of my own artwork and works of art.


It is a pleasure for Iacopo to share his time between Los Angeles and Greece. The fact that both areas have sea and has the opportunity to surf, is as he says “The best wish is to be healthy!

His future plans are to “chase” the summer, the waves, art and design exhibitions, but also the development of the two “children” of Sappho & Dear Ride.


Iacopo Capone Doumas
Sappho Sandals
website: www.sapphosandals.com
instagram: sappho.sandals
facebook: sappho.sandals

Dear Ride
website: dearride.com
instagram: dearride
facebook: dearrideofficial


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