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Photographer: Kosmas Koumianos
Fashion Editor: Ina Sideri
Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist: Penelope Geronikola
Journalist: Maria Zeimpeoglou

Imagine someone giving you a gift that is truly suited to yourself. At first, the packaging catches your eye and then upon unwrapping catches your eye and then upon unwrapping, you are taken with the contents because they reflect and compliment your true being. “Project Runway Greece” ‘s winning designer Margarita Priftaki is that gift. Margarita’s preference is to dress in shades of black which inadvertently highlight her stunning blue eyes. Beyond that exterior lies a girl who possesses finesse, kindness, joy and love. Respect for fashion, creativity and professionalism are all instinctively woven into all of Margarita’s collection.

Margarita was born in Athens. After finishing high school she was accepted in graphic arts, where she realized she wanted to follow her calling in design, which changed her path. In 2008 she completed her studies in fashion designing at the Veloudaki School of design. Immediately, after graduating she began her journey in the field working as Head designer at a very well known clothing company. However, her dream was to start her own company and her own label. Thus, faithfully following her dream, Margarita along with her brother Constantino, set up their own company which they named EMCI.


Recently, this talented designer successfully pursued and won the title of “Project Runway Winner” on the TV show Project Runway Greece on Open Beyond TV. During her stay on the show, Margarita managed to win first place in most of the weekly challenges.

Question: You recently won the winning title in the weekly show of Project Runway Greece. Tell us about this experience. Which were your reasons for wanting to take part? Which would you say was a significant moment in your journey as a designer?
The whole experience was a challenge but at the same time unique. Having watched the American Project Runway I realized that recognition and opportunities where both given to the new designers. Today, my decision to audition for the show has proven to have been a wise one. I feel great satisfaction having been a part of it and especially great joy for having won. I come up with my designs at our workshop, which is both modern and contemporary. Project Runway was similar which made it familiar enough for me to create. What made it difficult were the limited time and the pressure that we were under. What was even more challenging was having to work with unconventional materials which had no connection to fashion and trying to use your talent to convert them into a fashion statement. I would say that this was the most challenging along with having to prove myself and receiving the admiration and approval of the judges who are experts themselves when it comes to design.

Question: Having won the title of Project Runway Greece should we be expecting to see a change in your designs for EMCI? Have you changed the way you work and also how are you going to use your winning from the show?
We are constantly trying to improve and better ourselves. Our style is minimal while always incorporating our own elements. You will definitely new lines which were inspired from my new experience on the show but ones which will follow our EMCI concept. Winning the contest was both my dream and goal. I gave it my all and worked very hard to achieve this. I will use my winnings wisely in order to upgrade my brand EMCI.


EMCI is known for incorporating soft and unique textures that they use. Many of the designs are polymorphic enabling and allowing the person wearing them to feel comfortable and at the same time special. We will be able to admire Margarita Priftaki’s new SS19 collection which will be available soon. Her next step is a fashion catwalk for the public to see which is in her immediate plans. The collection will include delicate draping fabrics and unique designs inspired to suit our daily rhythm in a collection for women and a collection for men.

We would like to congratulate Margarita Priftaki once again not only for her win on the TV show Project Runway Greece but also for her exceptional work and designs at EMCI . We will be waiting anxiously for her SS19 collection.


01: Total outfit, EMCI-Earrings, Kaleido-Belt, Individual Artleather 02: Total outfit, EMCI 03: Total outfit, EMCI-Earrings, Kaleido 04: Total outfit, EMCI-Earrings, Kaleido

Margarita Priftaki (EMCI clothing) website: www.emci.gr facebook: emciclothing instagram: emci_clothing


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Date: 14/02/2019

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