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Live Streaming Sampling

It’s great to travel all over the world for business and visit new places, cultures and meet people. It is also great for a buyer, but sometimes he/she gets tired and not every collection/brand/designer is so awesome, commercial or interesting.

Was it truly a WASTE of time? Were the profits more than the COSTS?

Pros and Cons of Live streaming sampling:


-NO WASTE of time in luggage preparations, travel, meeting buyers or people that you are not interested etc
-NO WASTE of investment
-NO WASTE of physically and mentally strength
-and more


-Lack of personal satisfaction
-Lack of sampling the quality of the garments
-Lack of celebration with the new client at hock

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!

With live streaming sampling method you can show your collection to much more buyers and really meet them since it is LIVE. You can negotiate from your place, more comfortable and confident. You will save time to set the next steps for your business/collection. You will be now eco-friendly (WOW!!!) and you can refer it to your principles.

It is true that Live Streaming sampling has mostly PROS in terms of business… As for your personal pleasure, use your profits for luxury vacations 😉

Do you want to know how? Book your appointment now or send us an email at contactus@artfashion.gr.

Maria Zeimpeoglou



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